CannaPacific’s strategy is to produce consistently high-quality APIs and medicines. We have begun the process of developing a plant research facility led by a renowned Plant Scientist. Our cultivation and manufacturing plant is a high-security facility that has already been approved by local authorities. CannaPacific is positioned to become one of the leading producers of Cannabis medicines in Australasia.


Hybrid light-deprivation greenhouses and indoor cultivation utilising GAP strategies, will combine to produce cannabis with stable and consistent cannabinoid profiles. Our cultivation techniques are innovative and energy saving and will produce clean, vigorous medicinal Cannabis

We've chosen the Macleay Valley as our perfect location. The pristine waters, rich alluvial soils and the temperate to sub-tropical climate of the Macleay Valley, create the ideal environment for cannabis cultivation.

Macleay Valley Cannabis
CannaPacific Cannabis Manufacturing


Under the expertise of a controlled substance specialist with over 35 years experience, CannaPacific will conduct  manufacturing under rigorous GMP conditions. This will ensure that the APIs are  reproducible and maintain identity, strength, quality and purity.

Utilising modern clean room technology will ensure that GMP standards are maintained to the highest levels. 

Cannabis flower and leaf rich in cannabinoids, is harvested and dried in our facility before extraction, purification and preparation of narcotic raw materials and API’s.


API Production

CannaPacific will produce APIs for supply to the pharmaceutical industry and international markets.  Focusing primarily on THC, THCA and CBD isolate.

Our products are intended for the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of  a range of patient conditions that may benefit from medicinal cannabis.

We strive to achieve industry leadership in the mass production of cannabinoids.  Our team has over 35 years of experience in the production and manufacturing of controlled substances including opiates. 


CannaPacific cannabis oil
Cannapacific research

R&D and Innovation

Our mantra is 'innovation, innovation innovation'.  

Our R&D team is conducting plant and technological research in collaboration with Australian universities as well as a major government research institution.

Our plant science team are developing methodologies and processes to produce new strains of Cannabis.

CannaPacific, in collaboration with our partnering government institution is developing  innovative products for the use of cannabis growers and manufacturers worldwide.


CannaPacific will be producing pure and consistent quality medicinal cannabinoid oil to be made into medicines and topical creams for the pharmaceutical market. 
With a robust clinical trial pathway and experts in the field of pharmacology on our team, we have the combined experience to achieve TGA registration of products under development.

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cannapacific compliance


CannaPacific will cultivate, manufacture and comply with all regulations and the requirements of the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 and the Single Convention on Drugs Act 1961 and all amendments.